“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

-Warren Buffet


At least once a year, construction materials and manufacturing companies will create the infamous “price increase letter” to send a message to the market that prices are going up (or down, occasionally). This can cause a tremendous amount of stress on the relationships built by account managers because of the market pressures of “lowest price gets the work.” This course focuses on actual and practical techniques to reduce our own internal anxieties and overcome the external customer objections to effectively raise our prices year after year.


  • Understand the dynamics and psychology of price negotiations.
  • Build confidence within yourself to effectively raise prices in your market
  • Prepare yourself for EVERY price conversation – handle every objection!
  • Create stronger relationships with your customers.


  • Brand new or experienced account managers.
  • Those in tough competitive markets where raising prices can be difficult.
  • Teams who NEED to raise their average selling prices and/or margins, but struggle.


Ten foundational modules to gain control and confidence in annual price increases and ongoing price negotiations!

  • Why it’s a win/win for a price increase – Everything is going up!
  • Who cares if your costs went up?
  • What value have I brought, and will I bring?
  • What do we hear most often?
  • What are the hard ones to overcome?
  • Building a strategy for EVERY one of them – Volume vs Price
  • Top of Mind Conversations
  • Change Your Own Mind – it’s not inevitable
  • Prepare for the Negotiation – Practice, Role Play, Feedback
  • Start High – don’t pre-negotiate
  • To Flinch or Not To Flinch
  • Using & Diffusing Leverage
  • Understanding Behavior Styles
  • Identify and Adjust Our Style
  • Pressure Points for Different Styles
  • Professional Communication
  • When to be firm and when to sound unsure
  • DISC vs Anger, Challenge, Avoidance, Rebellion
  • Asking for a Raise
  • PAC – Equal Business Stature
  • Delivering “Bad” News
  • Creating Role Play Environment
  • Determining Scenarios
  • Coach Pitch – How to Throw Softballs (at first)
  • Structure and Milestones
  • Listen and Adjust
  • Retreat? Lose the Battle, Win the War
  • Review
  • Remind
  • Reinforce
  • Reward!

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