“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.”

-Ginni Rometti (CEO, IBM)


Welcome to the Overcoming Price Objections course, where you will learn how to close sales in your business, even when your price is higher than your competition. I have designed this course to teach you EXACTLY how to structure your sales conversations so that you can communicate your value effectively and beat out your competition without having to cave-in to discounts or price matching.


  • Increase sales/revenue in a tough marketplace with strong “cheap” competitors.
  • Communicate the value of your product/service effectively.
  • Close deals even though your price is higher than your competition.
  • Keep customers longer – reduce threat of someone buying them back/away.


  • The ideal student for this course is a sales professional or business owner who wants to close more sales at a higher price point than their competition.
  • There are no pre-requisites to take this course.
  • This course will benefit the brand-new salesperson just trying to figure out how it all works as well as the seasoned sales veteran who wants to take it to the next level.
  • No matter what your sales challenges are around price objections, this course will open your eyes to a proven way to eliminate them.


 This course is the foundation for a great salesperson.

  • I Thought I’d Be Good At Sales
  • How Do We Learn New Tricks?
  • Why Are You Here?
  • What Do We Pay More For?
  • I Thought For Sure They’d Say, “No”
  • How Buyers Buy
  • Study Yourself – Study Your Opponent
  • Our Company v. The Competition
  • How Do We Communicate Our Value?
  • Are You Irresistible?
  • You Need To Adjust.
  • Why Is It “Business” Bonding?
  • We Need Time
  • Business Bonding Questions
  • Keep The Focus On Them
  • Build Your List Of Questions
  • What’s Your Story?
  • Determine What They Value
  • How To Ask Great Questions.
  • Questioning Using Extremes
  • Show A Little Struggle
  • What If We Get Stuck?
  • Dig Deeper Into Trouble
  • How To Bring Up My Competition
  • Are You Ready To Quote?
  • Pre-Negotiating The Price
  • “I want to buy from you, but…”
  • Take Risks and Learn
  • Bonus Cotent


Recommended For My Entire Team!

"I have never taken a sales course online. This has surpassed my expectations. I’ve had training from Stevenson “live” in a pre COVID world and this is just as good as having him in person. I recommended this course to my entire sales team."


Sales Manager

Really Helped Me Understand My Team.

"In my role as sales manager, I constantly come up against the mind set in our staff that "we have to be low" to book the order. Overcoming this within the minds of a very talented group has been elusive to say the least. Understanding what is happening with my team is more important to me than understanding what is going on with the customer. The focus of Stevenson's training seems to be what is needed to help us understand the hurdles our team is struggling with."


Sales Manager

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