“Far more coaches fail to achieve success because they lack ability to develop team culture
rather than because they lack good direction or knowledge of the game.” -Anonymous


Managers find themselves stuck in supervisory roles, babysitting their employees, or worse yet, doing parts of their employees’ job for them. Often this is because they were never taught the fundamentals of coaching. Each of a manager’s employees are like mini-accounts who have gaps in their foundations and their own specific needs. This course develops coaching strategies to help all managers create powerful and competent teams of employees.


  • Understand yourself and your team like never before
  • Build confidence within yourself to effectively lead your team
  • Reduce or eliminate your “Hey, do you have a second?” interruptions
  • Create and deliver content for ongoing training and reinforcement


  • Brand new or experienced team leads and managers.
  • Those who are building a new team or wanting to take an existing team to the next level.
  • Managers and leaders who want to create more structure and autonomy within their teams.


Ten powerful modules to unlock your coaching potential and transform your team!

  • Understanding coaching and why it is important.
  • Developing your people from the ground up.
  • Finding time to coach.
  • Flipping the training classroom.
  • Every employee is a different customer.
  • DISC Styles.
  • Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic learning.
  • Positive reinforcement coaching.
  • Being vulnerable and sharing personal experiences.
  • When to show them how – When to cheer them on instead.
  • Why being coached is so difficult if one’s self esteem isn’t strong.
  • How to consistently keep your team emotionally strong and growing.
  • Taking the shame out of role play.
  • Learning to practice scenarios.
  • The Coach goes first!
  • Digging deeper into issues to solve the real problem.
  • Helping employees overcome their personal hurdles.
  • How to determine missing core competencies in individuals and your entire team.
  • Structured approach to creating training modules.
  • When to train vs. coaching or mentoring.
  • “Enter-train-ment” skills for live or recorded training.
  • Cultivating a culture of learning and experimenting within your team (and one’s self).


After having my sales people personally coached by Stevenson for years, I realized that I needed to be their coach. This course is exactly what I needed to keep all the training alive with my team.


Sales Manager

After the training sessions were done, I noticed my team would always want to revert back to their old ways. Stevenson taught me how to prevent the old status quo from returning!



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