Stevenson Brooks


Motivation, Sales & Management Coach

I work with billion dollar companies (yes, billion) who rely on a very small sub-set of their employees to bring in all that revenue. The interesting thing I have learned is that these companies don’t actually train their salespeople. Well, let me say this, these companies think they train their salespeople. For example, maybe they get a ride-along day with an “experienced” peer, they might get trained on all of the software for the quoting, ordering, billing systems, etc. But in reality…


I spend a good amount of time UN-TRAINING these amazing sales professionals to stop them from doing what the customer taught them to do – take care of their needs and profits. Instead they need to focus on representing themselves and their own company out in the marketplace – confidently. Creating partnerships with customers with win/win relationships and tough negotiations.

After years of delivering corporate sales training and even more years of one-on-one personal sales coaching, I  decided (and needed) to rewrite the sales training handbook with practical and applicable strategies and skills to empower every sales professional in competitive bid markets.

The Experience


1000’s of hours working with sales professionals on their MOST DIFFICULT sales obstacles and challenges.

The Mission


Redefine sales “training” to be something valuable and useful rather than something dreaded and avoided.

The Method


Enter-train-ment is vital to engaging fast-moving, fast-thinking, busy sales professionals and time flies when you are having fun!

What Students Say