Over the past 15 years, one of the biggest problems I’ve run into (and worked on) with every one of my clients, was NOT how to close more deals, be more efficient, or negotiate better pricing. It was something that was right there in front of us all, every day, trying it’s hardest to slow us down. It was self-doubt and self-sabotage!

Do you ever notice that no matter how hard you try to show the world that you are “doing great” and “feeling fine”, there are a bunch of negative, self-limiting thoughts bouncing around in your head? Well… this is normal. We all feel this way. But we don’t have to.

If you are reading this right now, my guess is that you are at the point where you want to do something about this, right?

Well, I experienced this very thing throughout my 20’s and 30’s. It seemed like everything I tried to do; no matter how hard I worked on something; I didn’t achieve the success that I thought I deserved. It seemed like some (un)expected bad thing would happen and take away my earlier wins.

It wasn’t until I was at my lowest in my career and my life, that I realized (through the help of a few smart mentors of mine) that I needed to CHANGE MY MIND!

I was the cause of all my failures and struggles. It was my negative beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back.


  • The four types of Strokes and how they hurt (or helped) our self-esteem and confidence.
  • How to rewrite your self-limiting beliefs to recreate a “new” you.
  • Practical steps to keep yourself motivated, energized, and consistently successful at anything you choose to tackle.


  • Professionals who are struggling to achieve more in their careers.
  • Young adults who need more self-confidence to take control of their lives.
  • Leaders who need to understand better how to motivate their teams.


This course is for anyone with the desire to eliminate self-doubt and self-sabotage from their daily life and increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • You Are Here!
  • Everyone Else Has It Figured Out.
  • Do You Beat Yourself Up?
  • Fear Of Failure
  • We Crave Recognition
  • Types Of Strokes
  • Parental Feedback
  • Change Your Mind
  • “The Eagle Raised By Chickens”
  • Take Out The Bad Shots
  • Write It Down
  • I Think I Can
  • Write An Affirmation
  • Rewriting the Negatives
  • Affirmation Examples
  • The 100-Day Challenge
  • Listen To Yourself
  • Be Gentle With Yourself.
  • Take A “Time-Out”
  • Adding The Word “Yet”
  • Learned Optimism
  • You Can Keep It To Yourself
  • Bonus Content


This Course Was Terrific!

"I learned a great deal and some very helpful hints on how to manage negative thoughts and avoid them. The session were concise and in a logical sequence. The added information from Martin Seligman was helpful. Recording your affirmations was brilliant as I was already self-sabotaging, telling myself that reading them daily was way too much!!! Thanks so much. I will definitely utilize the information and incorporate it into my life!!!"


Doctor of Psychology

A Real Confidence Booster!

"This course really helped me think about things differently and shifted my negative self-talk . Really helping me feel more confident. I also learned some great skills to help me motivate my team!"


Director of Human Resources

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