“Prospecting is the tip of the spear – All businesses will fail if they don’t figure out how to prospect and get in front of qualified people.” – Stevenson Brooks


This is NOT a mass marketing/advertising course – this is a hands-on active prospecting course for you and your team.

I developed The Complete Prospecting Master Course for Sales because something kept coming up in my one-on-one coaching sessions with students. I kept hearing “I can close anyone if I can just get in front of more prospects!”

In every business, getting new customers is the key to its success. Therefore, “prospecting” is the MOST important skill that a salesperson/small business owner needs to master.

You can have the BEST products and services in your industry, but if you are not in front of prospects every day telling YOUR story… your business will fail!

The Complete Prospecting Master Course for Sales consists of MY MOST SUCCESSFUL prospecting techniques:

  • “Getting Introductions Not Referrals” – Waiting for referrals is what everyone wants to do but if you ask for introductions, it goes really fast!

  • I will introduce you to the 3-Bucket Approach of home wrecking

  • The 6-Pack and 6 Degrees of Networking

  • Gate Keepers are actually Key Masters.



  • Master Amazing Voicemail strategies and Avoid Voicemail Jail.
  • Create your own winning prospecting strategies.
  • Learn and understand Tracking & Rates of success.
  • CREATE YOUR BEST MOST EFFECTIVE – 30 Second Commercial.
  • Build your SWIPE file.
  • Discover the benefits of blocking your time.
  • Learn Introduction Strategies and put them to use.


  • Business owners who do their own sales.
  • Sales professionals who need to build a pipeline of qualified prospects.
  • Tele-marketers and e-mail marketers who need to convert more leads.
  • Beginners who want to understand what prospecting all is about.
  • Anyone who wants proven real-world modern examples of how to convert a cold lead into a qualified prospect.


This comprehensive master course provides over three hours of learning, delivered in eight modules containing 49 lectures.

  • Why Do  Businesses Fail?
  • Feed Yourself for Life
  • Prospecting is Like a Romantic Comedy
  • GOAL: To Be Invited In
  • Three Types of Prospecting
  • Prospecting Stages
  • GOAL: Always Wanting More
  • Are You a Good Prospect?
  • Prospecting Affirmations
  • No Fake Smiles Here
  • Who Are You Looking For?
  • Who’s Your Ideal Customer?
  • Where Are Your Prospects?
  • I Just Got an Email
  • The Six-Pack
  • LinkedIn – Six Degrees of Seperation
  • Referrals vs. Intrductions
  • The Triangles of Who’s Busy
  • What Does Your Prospect Need To Fix?
  • What Solutions Do You Sell?
  • The 30-Second Commercial
  • From Order-Taker to Trusted Advisor
  • Avoid Giving Away Your Solution
  • Are They Qualified for an Appointment?
  • Wishy Washy Appointments
  • Chasing Prospects
  • Handling No-Shows
  • Every Call is a Masterpiece
  • What Don’t We Like About Cold-Calls?
  • When Did You Get Rejected?
  • Create Your Swipe File
  • Getting Past Gatekeepers (the keymaster)
  • Avoiding Voicemail Jail
  • Match the Outbound Message
  • Lost Connection Voicemail
  • Opeing Move Examples
  • The 2-Bucket Approach
  • Introduction Strategies
  • Binary Networking
  • The Secret Handshake
  • Avoid the Sine Wave
  • Calendar Blocking
  • Tracking Your Prospecting
  • Using Your Stats
  • Example Scenario
  • Great Prospectors are Always Employed!
  • Bonus Content


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“Stevenson's techniques for getting past the gatekeeper are priceless”


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