“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them – preferrably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

-Richard Branson


Most account managers admit that the majority of their time is spent managing their customers, not selling them. The customer, however, has them well trained to give them VIP service at rock-bottom pricing – which over time, erodes confidence, margins, and a good night’s sleep. This course was designed after years of one-on-one coaching with actual account managers dealing with real day-to-day issues in their industry. It is a new way of developing and maintaining win/win “partnerships” with customers.


  • Understand the “not-so-equal” relationship with your customers.
  • Build confidence within yourself to effectively manage expectations with your toughest of customers
  • Minimize the amount of time putting out fires and baby-sitting!
  • Create partnerships with your customers for long term growth and profitability.


  • Brand new or experienced account managers overwhelmed by customer service.
  • Those in tough competitive markets where customers seem to dictate terms.
  • Companies with vulnerabilities to back-charges and customer retaliation.

Most of my job isn’t selling. It’s managing customers, jobs, orders, submittals, paperwork, meetings, and so on. Not to mention handling the complaints, back-charges, and the internal struggles trying to get our products out on time.
If all I did was sell, my job would be easy!

Every Account Manager

in the Materials Industry


Ten lessons to transform existing and future demanding customer relationships into win/win partnerships.

  • What do we really do at our jobs?
  • How did the customer train us to work for them?
  • What is success and how do we measure it?
  • How are we better than our competition?
  • How are you, the account manager, better than every other?
  • How do we communicate the value you bring your customers and the market?
  • The customer wants the “Best of Everything at the Lowest Price”
  • Why doesn’t this benefit us and our company?
  • How can we lower expectations to a “reasonable” level?
  • What does it mean to get “Last Look”?
  • What is a “Win/Win” relationship with a customer?
  • How to determine the next steps for each of our customers?
  • Understanding the elements of communication
  • How to “mean what you say” and avoid miscommunication
  • What to do when it all goes wrong
  • Why our customers want us to be subservient
  • Understanding the ongoing patterns at play with our customer relationships
  • Changing the game – breaking the rules
  • “I like working with you, BUT…”
  • Attempting to get our “needs” met at work with our customers
  • Putting an end to being manipulated
  • How does the customer lead us down this bumpy path?
  • Stopping the knee-jerk reaction to solving a problem by creating a new one
  • Changing the paradigm and building a new foundation
  • Why our customers always expect you to “owe” them next time
  • Understanding how reasonable expectations are set and then met
  • Avoiding discounts and concessions under pressure
  • Mistakes will happen, what now?
  • Being accountable without blame or exaggerated repercussions
  • Facing difficult conversations with confidence

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